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LightHouse Life offers The Complete Life Settlement Guide for policyowners, families and financial professionals to learn about and explore valuing and selling a life insurance policy.  This life settlement guide introduces the importance of finding out the market value of life insurance policies that are likely to be terminated, as well as the entire life settlement process.  

Selling a life insurance policy is a new concept for most people.  Most people have never heard of life settlements, or that it’s their property right to sell a life insurance policy.  Selling a life insurance policy is similar to selling a home, a car, stocks, or bonds. Today’s life settlement market is highly-regulated to protect policyowners and to provide them with substantial information to help them decide what’s best for them.

Policies that qualify for a life settlement are typically those where the insured is older and/or has had a change in health from when the policy was issued.  

Selling a life insurance policy is an important financial decision.  LightHouse Life works with policyowners to ensure that they understand the life settlement process – from collecting information about the policy and the individual insured under the policy, to the appraisal, to the actual sale of the policy.  The life settlement guide provides step-by-step information to help policyowners and their families be well-informed throughout the process.

The Life Settlement Process Explained

Life Settlements Made Easy

Just like any other property, a life insurance policy should be appraised for its market value.  LightHouse Life offers a fast and free process to get your estimate.

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