A retired couple enjoying life

LightHouse Life may be a relatively new company (founded in 2018), but we are a seasoned team with more than 75 years of combined experience in the life settlement market. We are founded on the belief that seniors should benefit from their life insurance policies and that life settlements help the financial lives of seniors.

Our mission is to provide value to life insurance policyowners through life settlements. We operate with the highest standards of professionalism and transparency in the life settlement market.  We are committed to making life settlements accepted and accessible to American seniors and their families because life settlements provide life-changing resources to seniors and their families.

LightHouse Life is proud to support the Alliance for Senior Health Care Financing, and HR7302, which would permit seniors to roll over some or all of the proceeds from a life settlement tax-free into investment accounts, which could then be used to cover the costs of qualified medical expenses.