See if you qualify for a life settlement

Please share some information to assess your eligibility.

The good news is, many people qualify.

Most have three things in common:

  • You’re 65+ (or younger with a significant health issue)
  • Your health has changed since you bought your policy
  • You own a policy of $100,000 or more

If this sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to apply.


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Policy Information

How to assess your health.

Please select your health status by comparing your health to that of people your age.

  • Above average – Exceptional health relative to the average person my age
  • Average – Average health relative to a person my age
  • Slightly below average – Chronic, but manageable, health conditions that require ongoing treatment and care but do not have a significant impact on quality of life relative to my peers
  • Well below average – Major or severe medical conditions that have a significant impact on my quality of life
  • Terminal – Irreversible medical conditions that will significantly reduce my life expectancy such as late stage cancer

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