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The benefits of selling your life insurance.

Most people don’t know that they can sell their current life insurance policy for cash. Life settlements are an option to surrendering or lapsing life insurance policies back to the insurance company.

Think of it this way: Your life insurance policy is your property, like your home or your car, and you can sell it. When you took out that policy, you created a piece of property. When you paid premiums, year after year, you gave that property value. And if you aren’t going to keep that property, you can sell it – for cash.

Life settlements help seniors by paying a market value return for the purchase of their policies. Seniors use the money from the sale of their policies to pay for things like medical care, long-term care and retirement living.

Life settlements are safe and secure for seniors because they are highly regulated across the U.S. and offer exceptional consumer protections. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommends life settlements as a way to pay for long-term care.

Life settlements can solve problems.

People are running out of money. The cost of living in retirement is not keeping pace with seniors’ retirement savings. But life settlements generate significant resources for seniors in retirement, paying an average of four or more times the policy's cash surrender value.
For many seniors, life insurance policy premiums keep going up until they’re forced to terminate the policy. Likewise, other costs of living in retirement make it hard to keep paying premiums. Selling a policy is a better alternative to getting little or nothing from the insurance company.
Too often seniors don’t have enough money to pay for healthcare costs in retirement, let alone weather an unexpected health crisis. Life settlements are one way for seniors and their families to pay for the costs of healthcare and long-term care.

The value proposition.

The average payout to a policyowner who sells their policy is four or more times greater than the policy’s cash surrender value. For many seniors, a life settlement is a powerful financial tool that can help pay for assets like healthcare, long-term care, or retirement life.

The Lighthouse Life commitment.

We believe that people should benefit from what’s rightfully theirs — their life insurance policies — to help improve their financial lives. Our promise:

  • To treat policyowners and their loved ones with respect.
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  • To be fully transparent throughout the life settlement transaction.
  • To offer policyowners market value for their policies.