Life settlements

Life settlements help seniors plan for retirement, and help you grow your business

Life settlements

Life settlements help seniors plan for retirement, and help you grow your business

What is a life settlement?

A life insurance policy is a piece of property, owned by the policyholder. And just like any property, it can be sold. The process of selling a life insurance policy for its market value is called a life settlement. This financial transaction is highly regulated and considered among the most safe and secure in the US today. In fact, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends life settlements as an effective way to finance long-term care costs. No wonder financial professionals who place a premium on their clients’ interests and their own fiduciary responsibilities are considering life settlements.

The Lighthouse Life Advisor Program

What makes the Lighthouse Life Advisor Program unique?

  • Offers in five business days
  • No additional licensing required
  • Expanded options now include healthy lives
  • Low minimum policy face amount of $100,000

Learn why the Lighthouse Life Advisor Program is the fastest, easiest way to offer life settlements to seniors.

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In 2018 alone, $200 billion in life insurance death benefits that could have been sold via a life settlement was lapsed or surrendered, giving the policyowner little or nothing in return. Lighthouse Life is working to change that. In partnership with financial advisors and insurance producers, we’re helping more people tap into the value of their life insurance policies—often tax-free income they would otherwise have missed out on. And we’re doing it all accordance with best practices, in full compliance with regulatory requirements, and with the highest levels of transparency and respect

How life settlements can help you grow your business

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Re-engage with current clients and provide them with a valuable financial option

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Attract new clients while engaging with the families of seniors

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Expand your practice with new service offerings

Learn about our Advisor Program for financial professionals and firms

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Why life settlements matter—now more than ever

Retirement is growing more expensive for Americans. For many reasons, including living longer and the rising costs of healthcare and long-term care, seniors increasingly need additional income to achieve the retirement they’ve worked for. Often, the life insurance policy someone has contributed towards for years is one of their most valuable assets – and they may not know it. And because it is an asset they own, they have the right to sell it, just like a piece of jewelry, a vehicle, or a house. The money received from the sale of a life insurance policy can be used to plan and pay for out-of-pocket healthcare or long-term care costs, retirement expenses, or anything they wish.

Seniors face evolving challenges

38% of retirees have less than $50,000 saved for retirement

49% of seniors fear they will run out of money in retirement

7.9 million people ages 65 and up required long-term care in 2018

Life settlements provide seniors with a valuable financial planning tool.

Lighthouse Life is committed to making life settlements a simple, safe, and fair option for seniors who need help with post-retirement financial or healthcare needs. This means providing the best possible value for every policy, offering consumer protections and disclosures that exceed industry standards, and treating seniors and their families with the respect the deserve.

Here for your clients—and for you

Our Advisor Program is built on the principles of value, efficiency, and transparency. You simply refer qualified policyowners directly to us via our secure Advisor Portal. We drive the entire process from there. No additional licensing or public reporting is required on your part. We take care of all compliance and disclosure requirements and provide professional liability (E&O) coverage for both Advisors and firms.

A simple, 1-2-3 process

The simple, secure Lighthouse Life process ensures your clients get their policies appraised fast and their money quickly. All while treating them fairly and with the respect they deserve.

  1. Health interview and policy review
  2. Policy appraisal and offer to purchase
  3. Complete sale and receive funds

Your clients will receive an offer to purchase qualified policies within 5 business days, and life settlement proceeds in as little as 45 days from the start of the process. You’ll get real-time status updates throughout the process and a fully-disclosed referral fee.

Life settlements have always been a good idea.

Now, we’ve made them easy, too.

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