Financial professionals and life settlements

Life settlements help
your clients – and you

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Financial professionals and life settlements

Life settlements help
your clients – and you

Partner with us

Be a financial champion

Life insurance is a critical part of financial planning. Yet the vast majority of life insurance is eventually lapsed or surrendered back to the insurance company for little or no value.

Financial professionals who advise and assist policyowners with life settlements can be real financial champions for them. That’s because life settlements offer sellers an average of four or more times the policy’s cash surrender value. That’s “found money” that could be more valuable than the equity in a client’s home. It’s money they can use to reinvest in their retirement, pay bills, fund healthcare needs, or simply enjoy life.

The Lighthouse Life Advisor Program

What makes the Lighthouse Life Advisor Program unique?

  • Offers in five business days
  • No additional licensing required
  • Expanded options now include healthy lives
  • Low minimum policy face amount of $100,000

Learn why the Lighthouse Life Advisor Program is the fastest, easiest way to offer life settlements to seniors.

Partner with us

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Life settlements are in the policyowner’s best interest

Life settlements always pay policyowners more than if the policy was lapsed or surrendered–an average of four or more times the policy’s cash surrender value. Life settlements are:

  •  A Property Right of the policyowner
  • Well-regulated throughout the nation
  • Tax-free for certain individuals
  • Recommended by the NAIC as a way to finance long-term
    care needs

Remind clients that their life insurance is their property, and they have a right to sell it to get the best value they can – just like a home or a car.

All financial professionals have a duty of care and competence to their clients. Advising and assisting a policyowner about life settlements is not only good business, it’s good practice. Getting the policy appraised – at no cost to the policyowner or advisor – is a good first step for most.

Life Settlements are safe

Life settlements are among the safest financial services transactions for American seniors, because of both strong state life settlement laws and robust industry standards. Seniors can sell their policies with confidence, knowing that they receive more information and consumer protections in a life settlement than when buying life insurance or other insurance or financial service products.

Why Lighthouse Life?

At Lighthouse Life we strive to conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity in the market. Advisors can count on us to be strong partners in their practices.

Easy to work with

Agents and advisors introduce policyowners to Lighthouse Life and we take it from there.


We make offers to qualified policyowners within 3-5 days of receiving the necessary health and policy information. We complete transactions in 45-60 days.

Enhanced consumer protections

Lighthouse Life exceeds statutory requirements by providing consumers with additional disclosures, enhanced transparency, and a suitability questionnaire.

Strong compliance support

Lighthouse Life helps agents and advisors – and their firms – ensure that they are in compliance with applicable insurance and financial regulations. We provide professional liability coverage to the agents, advisors and firms we work with.

Learn about our Advisor Program for financial professionals and firms

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